You Got a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina: Now What?

‘Tis the season – for holiday road trips, that is! This time of year, we all anticipate a certain amount of driving to come into play so that we can visit with family and friends for our preferred holiday celebrations.

With increased traffic, traveling on unfamiliar roads, and the stress that comes with trying to please everyone with holiday vacation plans, accidents and speeding tickets tend to follow. But don’t worry! If you get a speeding ticket or other traffic-related citation in North Carolina this season, Wentz Law Firm is here to walk you through the process and help you resolve the issue, so you can get back to what matters most.

Contact your attorney.  

It’s true that in some simple cases, speeding tickets can be resolved without the assistance of a lawyer. But more often than not, the cost of paying off the ticket yourself is more than you would end up having to pay if you employed a lawyer to argue the case for you. So when you’ve got a speeding ticket or another type of traffic citation, and you’re not quite sure how to begin handling the situation, do some research and ask a few friends about any lawyers they recommend you contact for your case. In the end, it’s better to have a professional address the matter than to risk its resolution being less than satisfactory.

Keep all legal documents together, in one place.

Between getting the speeding ticket, hiring your lawyer, and the ensuing court procedure, you’re going to come into the possession of tons of paperwork. It’s one of the more stressful parts of the whole situation, simply because it’s so easy to lose even just one item in the stack. Our suggestion? Keep everything in one place, in order of receipt, and always replace it when none of the individual entries need to be readily available. It’s the best way to make sure that none of your documents are misplaced before you need them to close out parts of your case.

Stay on top of deadlines.  

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s usually plenty on your to-do list to keep you busy until the new year. Unfortunately, getting a traffic citation or speeding ticket just adds more items to check off. But when you have an experienced attorney, you can rest assured that even if the list keeps growing, you have someone on your side to help you manage it. Your lawyer will sit down with you and establish a predictive timeline of where you both go from here to resolve the issue, and based on this outline, you’ll be expected to complete a few preliminary steps on your own. Whatever those requirements are, it’s important to meet your deadlines and give your lawyer ample time and information to work on your case.

Don’t let a speeding ticket put a damper on your holiday plans; if you’re in North Carolina and happen to get pulled over, contact Wentz Law Firm to help you settle your case and get back to the festivities!

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