Former WPD Officer’s first appearance in New Hanover County Court

Wilmington Police Officer

In Wilmington, North Carolina, 39-year-old former WPD Officer Darryl Warren made a court appearance on Monday. He faces charges of DWI, Reckless Driving to Endanger, Assault with Intent to Kill using a Deadly Weapon, and Assault on a Female.

Additionally, 911 calls from the events that transpired last week have been released.

One 911 caller reported, “Hi, I’m here near Costco, and someone just made a U-turn in front of the hotel and hit a pedestrian.”

The operator inquired, “Did they hit a pedestrian?”

The caller replied, “Yes, it almost looked intentional. He made a quick U-turn right in front of me, accelerated rapidly, and struck her as she was near the mulch area.”

According to the NC Highway Patrol, Warren executed a U-turn off Gingerwood Drive and struck a woman on the right side of the road.

On the day of the crash, Warren registered a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .10.

The 911 caller described the scene, stating, “There’s a crowd gathering here now, but his truck, I mean, it’s badly damaged. The front fender’s completely gone and everything. I really hope they thoroughly investigate this because the way he did it was truly awful. Like I mentioned, it almost seemed intentional.”

As of Monday, the City of Wilmington has officially terminated Warren from the WPD. His upcoming court appearance is slated for August 10th, and his bond has been established at $100,000.”

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