Drivers ticketed more frequently during pandemic

According to The Washington Post, law enforcement agencies across the country are reporting an increase in reckless driving and speeding tickets since the Coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year. 

Many people are hitting the road to escape home quarantine and gas prices continue to drop. But handling a traffic ticket is becoming even more complex as courtrooms continue to adapt to the ever-changing protocol to keep the community healthy. Some aspects are being handled online while others are still being heard in the courtroom. So how do you best handle your ticket? With the help of a capable attorney like Brett Wentz. 

New Hanover and Pender counties have strict courtroom rules in place that must be followed before the judge can even hear your case. Navigating these guidelines can cause issues that will only further complicate your situation. Working with a lawyer that handles citations daily will eliminate the need for you to go to the courthouse while ensuring that you receive the most fair decision. 

So if you’re one of the millions of people who have a Covid-19 speeding or other traffic related ticket, contact Wentz Law Firm.

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