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At Wentz Law Firm, we know how intimidating the legal process can be, and how important it is to get it right.

That’s why we work hard for our clients, guiding them through their case and serving as their advocate from beginning to end. We’ve been honored to receive a number of notes from grateful clients, some of which we’re sharing here with their permission. If you’re in need of a lawyer, we invite you to join our roster of satisfied clients.

My experience with Wentz Law was extremely positive. Brett’s ability to communicate, his attention to detail, and his overall professionalism made working with him to resolve my legal matter seamless. I would highly recommend Wentz Law to anyone seeking representation with legal issues. – Dan S


I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding and professional legal services you provided me. I have had the opportunity to retain your services on two separate occasions – once in 2012 and again this years, 2016. Each time you provided me with excellent, thoughtful, and timely counsel and advice. Your ability to establish a very professional and respectful working relationship with me was much appreciated as was your always prompt response to any questions or concerns I had. I further appreciated the timely manner in which you kept me appraised as to any new developments regarding the issues we were working on. I was also impressed with your legal acumen and your research skills. Most importantly, the combination of your legal and personal attributes provided me with a complete sense of confidence in you. It was clear to me you adhere to the highest ethical standards of the legal profession and I would not hesitate to use your legal services again in the future or to recommend your services to others. – Joel N.


The court system appointed Attorney Brett Wentz to represent my son in 2007. I remember leaving court feeling fearful for my son and intimidated by the legal system and court process. My son called Mr. Wentz the same day he was appointed and Mr. Wentz scheduled a meeting with him the same afternoon. From that day forward he has gone above and beyond in his representation. He exemplifies a man of integrity and excels in his knowledge/practice of the law. He could relate to my son and interpret the law to his level of understanding. He is very responsive – he has accepted phone calls from us after hours and on weekends and follows through with his commitments. He is respectful of his clients by listening to them without judgement. He will give you his legal advice, but honors client choice within the bounds of his professional ethics. Mr. Wentz has earned my respect and it is my pleasure to give him my highest recommendation.  – Becky S.

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