How to Handle a DWI in New Hanover and Pender Counties

Getting arrested and convicted of DWI—driving while intoxicated—in North Carolina is both scary and costly. Not only can you expect to spend hundreds in court costs, but these convictions often carry jail time and loss of driving privileges for a period of time.

It’s never a good idea to handle a DWI case on your own, especially with such high stakes. This kind of conviction is something that will follow you for the rest of your life, with it held against you by auto insurers and potential employers for years to come.

Never make the mistake of pleading guilty to a DWI charge without an experienced lawyer by your side. Putting your future at risk is never worth the cost of a lawyer

How to Avoid a Guilty DWI Verdict in North Carolina

Our experienced legal team knows how to spot the challenges and strengths of your case, making sure we use the best strategy to achieve the best result. We fully understand the procedures police officers must follow in order to arrest you under a DWI charge.

There are many opportunities to challenge your arrest and/or evidence at my points in the case, and our defense attorney will work quickly to reduce or eliminate the damages caused by a DWI conviction.

What are some things we’ll examine in your DWI case?

  • Whether you were properly given your Miranda rights.
  • Whether the field sobriety test was administered properly.
  • Whether the officer legally used “search and seizure” during a blood draw.

Can DWI Charges Get Dropped?

Our team may fight to have your DWI charge dropped, however, we’ll discover the best option in your individual situation. Depending on your situation, it could be better to accept a plea deal or go to trial.

If a DWI conviction can’t be avoided, we’ll do our best to help you get limited driving privileges to minimize your difficulty of daily activities such as attending work, education, or similar necessities. We’ll also be your advocate when it comes to getting your driver’s license restored. Contact us today for a legal consultation with our expert lawyers! 

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